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Westfield High School

  1. Address

    4700 Stonecroft Boulevard
    Chantilly, VA 20151

    Sub Locations

    1. Stadium Turf
    2. Main Gym - Court 1
    3. Main Gym - Court 2
    4. Main Gym - Court 3

    Westfield High School


    • The lights need to be turned on & off via push button at the light box location.  
    • First, you will need the lights box key, which is located in a grey/black key shaped lock box attached to the middle of the main entrance gate below the Health Notice Sign.  
    • Once you get the key, the on/off buttons are located in a gray metal lights box attached to the left side of the Press Box on the Home Bleachers (right side bleachers as you walk down the hill towards the field).
    • You will just need to push the ON button and lights will come on.  At 11pm, or after the games are finished, you will need to push the OFF button to turn the lights off.  The lights DO NOT automatically turn off at 11pm.  Once the lights are off, please return the key back to the key lock box, close it, and spin the numbers. 
    • Lastly, before you leave, please make sure to lock up all perimeter gates into the Stadium.